On a Snowy Day…

Typically on a snow day you will find me doing THIS!!!!…. Sledding and playing in the fresh powder like a carefree 5 year old.


However on this particular day the snow was far too wet to go sledding in, so Anna (my bestie/ amazing photographer) and I decided it would provide some awesome photos for the blog – and the journey began!


Fail number 1….We attempted various spots but the wind was far too severe and we both ended up soaked; soggy wet snow just isn’t what we expected – NO FUN! Finally we settled on some place closer to home – with a LOT less wind and some coverage from the obnoxious rain/snow. Here are a few of the photos we captured – ENJOY!!!










Needless to say we made the most of some pretty crappy weather and had a ton of fun! You will quickly learn that I am a complete and total free spirit. I always try to smile and have a good time because life is simply too short to give in to negativity. Plus… a good laugh burns calories and you can’t go wrong with that! 😉

* Outfit Details: ‘Love’ sweater, scarf, beanie, faux leather leggings, and blue car coat (Forever21) – fuzzy socks (Target) – combat boots (Madden Girl) – fuzzy fingerless gloves (Ross)


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